Made in New Orleans, USA – Home grown & Home Sewn Fashion to celebrate the Fourth of July in New Orleans

New Orleanians are definitely unique when it comes to style and creativity.  From clothing made right here in the Parish (instead of county for all of those reading from outside the NOLA borders!) to jewelry and wearable art, Louisiana fashionistas are setting off their own style fireworks pretty much everyday of the week not just saving it for celebrating our Nation’s birthday.

Strolling through the French Market District on a lazy day with a refreshing Organic Banana smoothie in hand, the cache of locally made wares is more dizzying than the annual Riverfront Dueling Barges Fireworks, one of the top 5 fireworks displays in the United States* happening at 9PM on Thursday, July 4th.

Below are a few of the fab finds discovered on a recent afternoon stroll in the colonnade shopping area and the Pontalba shops.

Chili Pepper glass bead necklaces by Carol Flannery.

Carolyn Rivers Designs at Dutch Alley

Carolyn Rivers Designs at Dutch Alley

These necklaces are hot, hot!!! And a great representation of the chili pepper flavors found in New Orleans cooking. Really, Carol’s jewelry is a mini-celebration around your neck or dangling from your ears. So fun knowing that Carol uses a special technique to create each mini glass pepper and beads in her New Orleans workshop. Her technique is called lampworking and if you can catch her at the Co-Op she is happy to explain her process. (Just ask when she is scheduled. She is great to visit with!)

Carolyn Rivers Designs at Dutch Alley Artist Co-op, 912 N. Peters, The French Market

The Lido Hat by Tracy Tomson, Kabuki Hats

You know them when you see them. Kabuki Hats are a work of art.  Tracy is essentially a treasure in the art and fashion scene in New Orleans keeping the art of millenary alive and well in her local studio. The Lido is just one of the many designs showcased in her ever evolving collection. Currently you can find her designs in red, white and blue and combinations of these and many other colors.

Kabuki Hats at Dutch Alley Artist Co-op, 912 Peters, The French Market

Seersucker at Muses

Seersucker at Muses

A New Orleans’ tailor made the first seersucker suit in 1907 and since the puckered fabric has been associated with Southern Chic.  Muses on the Pontalba has amassed a collection of seersucker jackets and slacks in reds, whites and blues – patriotic nationally and locally.

Muses, 532 St. Peter Street at the Pontalba Shops

Silk Bow Ties - Nola Couture

Silk Bow Ties – Nola Couture

Dash a few doors down to Nola Couture and pick up a locally made silk bow tie to go with the seersucker jacket. The bowties feature local theme custom silk fabrics – alligators, crowns, fleur de lis and such.

Nola Couture, 542 St. Peter Street at the Pontalba Shops


Retro is all the rage. And the New Orleans’ made Betty Dress by To The Nines is your fashion ticket on a balmy summer night. Wear a Betty Dress and stroll down the Riverfront waiting for the Dueling Barges to do their stuff may just have you setting off some fireworks of your own.

Pop City, 940 Decatur Street, The French Market

Bon Marche and Merci,

Stylish Stella